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Poster: skybandit Date: Oct 21, 2009 1:01pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: COPYRIGHTED comic books here!

The fact that legalized Marijuana is something that's supported by a majority of Americans doesn't change the fact that I'll get busted if I puff it in front of a cop.
I agree that corporate greed drives the formation of restrictive copyright and trademark laws, but right or wrong, it's illegal to misrepresent copyrighted material as being in the public domain. Not the Archive's fault; they're busy folks and can't check every single item uploaded, hence the terms of use that will keep them out of trouble. (I have contacted them, Time Traveller, and was hoping my post might shake the tree a bit to knock down some bad apples) The fact that "political prostitutes" would charge us for air if they could figure out a way to meter it is neither here nor there, Garthus, although I appreciate your attitude concerning these. Of our 545 rulers (President, Senators, Representatives and Supreme Court Judges), over 40% are lawyers, and lawyers are just whores paid to fuck the other guy!